Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm Dreaming of a White July?!

Nope, it's not snowing here or anything like that. My sister came to visit this past weekend and I suggested that us girls (my mom, sister, and I) should go to the outdoor classic movie on Friday night. Now, my mom and sister are not fans of classic movies so I was completely shocked when they agreed to go. The movie of the night was White Christmas. Everything around put me in a Christmas mood: Christmas cookies at the concession stand, a brass quartet playing Christmas favorites, and the temperature dropping to a record low. When the movie ended at 11pm, I could no longer feel my body, but all I could say was "I wish it was Christmas..."

I've definitely enjoyed having all these days off work, but they flew by too quickly. I have to go back tomorrow, unfortunately. Luckily, I'm going on vacation on Sunday, so I won't have to work too much. I meant to have a rather royal post out last week, but once again, time seemed to evaporate. I hope to have it up soon and don't forget to vote in the new poll!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Eek! I almost missed the giveaway!

I have been so busy this past week, I almost missed the deadline for the wonderful Kate Gabrielle's incredible giveaway! Work has pretty much taken over my life. Today marks my sixth consecutive day in a row without a day off and I am utterly exhausted. My mind is so jumbled that every time I look at the clock, I read it as a price. When I looked at the clock yesterday I thought, "Oh, it's only $12. I still have a few hours until I have to go to work". Yup, my mind is gone.

Anyways, if you've been going insanse like me and haven't heard about the giveaway, check it out at Kate's blog Silents and Talkies. She is giving away a ton of her artwork! I'm so excited! Hopefully, my luck will continue and I can win some more of her fabulous flapper prints!

P.S. I have the next five days off so I'm hoping to regain my sanity and have a new post out soon!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Great Films Not on DVD: July

Well, I guess I lied. I didn’t have quite enough time last week to get a second post out. Anyways, I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July weekend. For once, I didn’t have to work at all. My sister and her husband came from out of state and we all had a great time, despite the rain and cold weather.

Our Betters (1933)
Starring Constance Bennett

This movie already aired, but I thought I would still include it. Based on a play by W. Somerset Maugham, the movie tells the story of American heiress Pearl Saunders who marries an English lord only to find him with another woman on their wedding day. They remain married and she becomes friends with other titled heiresses who were married for their money. A great little pre-code.

Fashions of 1934 (1934)
Starring William Powell and Bette Davis
Airs July 29 on TCM

Two former business partners join forces with a young fashion designer to sell cheaper copies of designer dresses. The business takes off until their scheme is figured out by one of the designers being ripped off.

The Swan (1956)
Starring Grace Kelly, Alec Guinness, and Louis Jourdan
Airs July 31 on TCM

In one of her final films, Grace Kelly plays the part of a princess, quite a stretch for her. When her cousin Prince Albert (Guinness) comes to visit, her mother urges her to marry him. However, she secretly has feelings for her brother’s tutor. In the end, she must choose whether to give up her life as she knows it to marry a commoner or do her duty and marry the prince.

I was very surprised to learn that this film isn’t on dvd since the majority of Grace’s films are. Hopefully, this will be corrected very soon. Grace looks absolutely beautiful and regal in it.