Thursday, December 10, 2009

Great Films Not on DVD: December

So, I’ve decided to change my major. Two weeks ago, the seed that my mom planted in my head two and a half years ago finally took root. As soon as I get the motivation to fill out the paper work, I will no longer be a film studies major. I’m very sad, but English is a much more realistic major plus I’ll have way more opportunities when I graduate (which will probably begin with grad school). Ugh, I hate facing reality. I’d rather keep dreaming.

Sorry I’ve been slacking with this post. This week is dead week so I’ve been scrambling to finish a bunch of papers and projects. I turned in my beautiful poetry portfolio (I’m very happy with how it turned out) as well as my 11 page intercultural communication paper on Gossip Girl which took me all day yesterday and was much harder to write than you make think. Thankfully, Tuesday and Wednesday ended up being snow days (a rarity for college kids) so I had extra time to work on all of it. Next week is finals week, so I have a nonfiction portfolio due in my creative writing class, a final for the previously mentioned communication class, and a compare and contrast paper on West Side Story and Romeo + Juliet. By this time next week, I’ll be home!

The Secret Garden (1949)
Starring Margaret O’Brien, Herbert Marshall, and Dean Stockwell
Airs December 13 on TCM

A rather delightful adaptation of the beloved Frances Hodgson Burnett novel with Margaret O’Brien taking on the role of orphan Mary Lennox. This is one of the few films that I can stand O’Brien in; just a bit too precocious and cutesy for my taste. Elsa Lanchester as Martha is the one that steals my attention.

Vivacious Lady (1938)
Starring Ginger Rogers and Jimmy Stewart
Airs December 18 on TCM

Seriously, why isn’t this movie on DVD yet? Stewart is an uptight college professor who marries the beautiful nightclub singer played by Rogers on a trip to the city. When he comes home, he can’t get up the nerve to tell his parents. This movie also features one of the best cat fights ever!

The Miracle Woman (1931)
Starring Barbara Stanwyck and David Manners
Airs December 22 on TCM

In this early Stanwyck/Capra film, Stanwyck stars as a phony preacher that travels around the country performing fake miracles. Everything is perfect until she meets and falls in love with a blind man that puts all his faith in her and what she does.

If you have time, check out these films as well!

Ladies of Leisure (1930)
Airs December 22

The Opposite Sex (1956)
Airs December 28