Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Great Films Not on DVD: May

So, it’s dead week and I’m officially dead. The funny thing is, I’m not even worried about my finals. My main concern is getting everything done for this week. Not to mention I have to skip all of my classes on Friday because my older brother is getting married. I’m not saying I’m mad that I have to go to the wedding; it’s just that this is the worst possible time for him to get married. I’m leaving Thursday and getting back Sunday and you can bet I won’t be doing any studying during that time. Although I should be working on homework right now, I’m going to take a little time to bring you my list of Great Films Not on DVD for May!

Bullfighter and the Lady (1951)
Starring Robert Stack, Joy Page, and Gilbert Roland
Airs May 2 on TCM

A reckless young American (Stack) travels to Mexico and falls in love with a local beauty (Page). To catch her eye, he decides to pursue bullfighting under the mentorship of a respected veteran (Roland). The film is jam-packed with real bullfighting scenes and one stuntman actually died during filming. It’s pretty hardcore.

Remember the Night (1940)
Starring Barbara Stanwyck and Fred MacMurray
Airs May 14 on TCM

During the Christmas shopping season, shoplifter Lee Leander (Stanwyck) is caught and put on trial. However, the trial is postponed so she doesn’t have to spend Christmas in jail. Instead, she ends up driving home to Indiana with the district attorney (MacMurray) who is prosecuting her. Sparks fly both literally and figuratively.

I watched this for the first time this past Christmas and it has quickly become one of my favorite holiday movies.

Tom, Dick, and Harry (1941)
Starring Ginger Rogers, George Murphy, and Burgess Meredith
Airs May 31 on TCM

How could I possibly resist having a Ginger Rogers movie on the list?

Telephone operator Janie (Rogers) has trouble deciding between three men who are vying for her affection. To help her decide, she dreams about what her life would be like with each of the guys. Which one will she choose? Tom, Dick, or Harry? It may be one of Rogers’ lighter films but its quite fun to watch.


Robert M. Lindsey said...

I saw Tom Dick and Harry 20 years ago. I remember is was pretty good.

Kate Gabrielle said...

I think it's a crime that Remember the Night isn't on DVD!

I missed it on TCM when it showed a few years ago, and when I saw it was playing on a big screen five hours away from where I live-- I actually drove the five hours to see it, and the five hours back. It was worth it!! Of course, TCM ran it last Christmas, so I have it on DVD now.

Genevieve said...

Robert: I saw it a couple years ago and thought it was pretty good as well. Of course, I like almost anything with Ginger in it : )

Kate: Me too! Its such a nice little holiday movie.

Oh my gosh! That would be so awesome. Its definitely worth driving 5 hours for, I would've done the same thing.