Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ten Random Facts About Yours Truly

Thanks to the wonderful Kate Gabrielle for the tag!

1. I’m left-handed but I can only use scissors with my right hand.
Back in preschool when I first learned how to cut with scissors, I started out using my left hand. Unfortunately, there were no left-handed scissors so I used right-handed scissors. The paper ended up all ugly so I decided to use my right hand and now I can’t cut with my left hand anymore.

2. I was a hardcore cheerleader for eight years, six of which were competitive.
I traveled all over the country for competitions and had to wear the crazy cheer makeup, glitter and all.

3. I’m obsessed with baby names.
I love finding unique and obscure names and playing around with different middle names and last names. If the whole screenwriting career doesn’t work out for me, my dream is to create a baby naming service to help people from making horrible mistakes.

4. I’m fascinated by tornadoes and ghosts and love watching shows about them both.
However, I think I would probably pee my pants if I encountered either one. My city was hit by a tornado last summer, but I was out of town and the tornado hit just a few miles away from my house.

5. I absolutely hate red meat.
I’m not a vegetarian or anything, I just think its disgusting and I can’t stand to look at a piece of steak. My family thinks I’m weird.

6. When I’m home alone, I like to sing at the top of my lungs and pretend that I actually sound good.
Trust me, I don’t have a musical bone in my body.

7. I have the most random taste in music.
On my ipod, you’ll find everything from Margaret Whiting and Peggy Lee to Joshua Radin and Crooked Still. Most of my music is offbeat and definitely not mainstream.

8. I have really strange and complicated dreams.
I once dreamt I had ESP with a squirrel and he told me to hide in his tree to avoid the tornado that was coming towards me. That is probably one of the most normal dreams I’ve had. I swear I’m not crazy.

9. I have a large birthmark on my hip that is shaped almost exactly like the state of Alaska.
Maybe its a sign that I should move to Alaska...nope, too cold for me.

10. I’m allergic to cats.
When I was little, I really wanted a kitten, even though I already had a dog. One day, I went to my friend’s house to play with her new kitten. I petted the cat and then touched my eye. Needless to say, I found out I was allergic when my eye turned bright red and I wanted to scratch the crap out of it.

P.S. Fingers crossed, I’ll have my Great Films Not on DVD post for July up tomorrow. That’s right, TWO posts in one week. Pretty impressive for me : )


Kate Gabrielle said...

I love baby names too! What are your favorites? My parents gifted me the book they used to pick out my brothers name when I was 7, and I used to spend hours flipping through it. My favorites end up coming from films and books instead though.. I love the names Hayley, Eva, Ava and (no clue why?) Roy.

I am completely with you on 5 & 6 (though I am a vegetarian. and before I was, I wouldn't eat red meat either)

I'm allergic to cats too! I had awful asthma and allergies when I was little but my parents didn't find out I was allergic to our cats until I was in 1st grade. I finally decided when I was 16 to just deal with it and get a cat again, so I've been on zyrtec ever since :) My long haired one actually sleeps on my pillow!

Rupert Alistair said...

Wonderful post! Why not know more about the ones who write great stuff we enjoy. Thanks for sharing.


Matt said...

Good random facts. Glad you are sharing your love of classic films with us. We need more like you.

Lolita said...

Really entertaining! Cheerleader, huh? Must have been tough to fight off the boys! Hmm, sounds like I have encountered another person with the same strange dreams that I have... People think I'm on drugs when I re-tell my dreams.

Sarah said...

This is so similar to my list! Not the one on my blog, but in my head....? Anyway, I almost bought a book of baby names, but then I put away because people might get the wrong idea, if ya know what I'm sayin. haha Great list!

Genevieve said...

Kate: My favorites? That's a tough question! Some of the ones I like are Laurel, Adelaide, and Cecelia. I like older names that aren't super popular but like some trendier names like Blaire. I've always liked Ava and Roy is actually kind of cute. I have a softspot for Lennie myself : )

I gave up on cats, unfortunately. If visit someone with a cat, I have to be heavily drugged up so I don't have an allergic reaction.

Rupert: Thanks! I think its nice to learn more about the people behind the blogs.

Matt: I tred to think of the most random facts I could : ) I love sharing my classic film addiction with others and hope to inspire and entertain.

Lolita: Nope, I didn't have much trouble with the boys. I was the shy cheerleader.

You have strange dreams too! Glad I'm not alone : )

Sarah: There seem to be quite a few similarities between all of us classic film lovers. I just look at baby names online so I don't have to worry about the funny looks.

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