Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Farewell to Summer

I feel as though my summer only started a few weeks ago, but unfortunately, it is coming to a close. My last day of work was Monday and I’ve spent the past couple days packing and de-cluttering all of my belongings and frantically trying to watch all the movies on my DVR. The latter has been no easy task since I had about ten movies left. I accidentally deleted A Star is Born an hour into it. Oops, but that meant one less movie to watch I guess.

I really wish I could’ve accomplished more, but summer sucked all the motivation right out of me. I don’t even have a great tan from all of my lounging about. The usually hot and humid Midwest summer didn’t want to cooperate this year. It’s finally starting to feel like summer weather-wise, but my summer must end a week and a half before other college students. Oh, the benefits of being in a sorority.

I’ll be extremely busy and cranky for the next week and half while sorority recruitment is going on, so I’ll be unable to get any posts out. Once my little hiatus is over, I’ll be ready to go with a new post. Farewell for now my friends : )

Lucky Miss Lombard gets to enjoy the beautiful sunshine, while I must head back to college!


VP81955 said...

You could always make Carole Lombard an honorary member of your sorority -- something she probably would appreciate, insomuch as her formal education ended in the middle of high school...though during the 1930s, she was popular with many college boys.

Maggie said...

Do you mind if I ask what school you attend? I'm in the midwest too and I almost melted this summer. I will be a junior at the University of Oklahoma. I'm moving back this weekend.

Juliette. said...

Lucky Carole. I have to start school on Thursday-- I feel your pain. :/

Tom K said...

I love your blog!

Genevieve said...

VP: Hey, thats a good idea! I'd love to have her as an honorary sister. I wouldn't doubt her being popular with the college boys.

Maggie: Well, let's just say my school is one of Oklahoma's biggest rivals and their main color is red : ) I'm a junior as well! Hope you have a good semester.

Juliette: Hope its been good for you so far!

Tom: Thank you very much and welcome!