Monday, November 9, 2009

TCM Film Festival!!

Okay, so a friend of mine sent me this link last week. Apparently, TCM is holding its first ever Film Festival. It's just another reason why I need to 1) Move to California or 2) Suddenly become incredibly rich and fly to California. I wish I could go so bad!

Turner Classic Movies to Host Film Festival :: Movies :: News :: Paste


Maggie said...

I'm seriously considering a road trip for this. I live in Oklahoma. If you're nearby, you're welcome to tag along!

Blondie said...

Wait a minute! I live about 30 minutes from Hollywood! Where is this taking place? I want to go!!! Kori xoxo

monty said...

Sweet...that would be so cool to go to.

Amanda said...

I saw a commercial for it today on TCM. Wish I was in the area, too.

For anyone interested, the event will be held from April 22-25, 2010. Tickets go on sale for day passes on November 18th at from $500 up. Not sure if there are other purchasing options. Maybe closer to the event there will be :)

The films will be held at a bunch of cool locations including Grauman's Chinese Theater and Egyptian Theater.

For more info you can check out

Shaon said...

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